Lu’s support, encouragement and wise advice has been invaluable and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. If you’re stuck with your writing and need an outside eye and some brilliant suggestions – get Lu.


Roz Hammond

Coaching client

Lu creates a friendly learning environment which makes each session a great experience. Lu is patient, approachable and always gives constructive feedback which has been instrumental for my writing. With Lu’s help I have found confidence in myself.


Marie Elliot

coaching client

I was part way through the first draft of my book when I began to question whether it was a mistake and I was wasting my time. I reached out to Lu and we set up a mini appraisal. Lu read about 10k words and then we had a zoom call where she highlighted what my strengths and weaknesses were. Most importantly she was able to tell me with a critical eye that I had the makings of a good story and a good writer. It was with her encouragement that I got through my 100k word draft. I am very grateful and hope to work with Lu again for the next stages of my book.


Susie Harris

debut novelist

Finding an editor who not only enhances my book’s manuscript but also respects and values the author’s voice is a rarity, and I found exactly that in Lu. Working with her has been an experience marked by sensitivity and respect, which I highly regard.

I am immensely grateful for her contributions and would not hesitate to recommend her services to any author seeking a genuinely supportive and professional editing partnership.


Michal Spiegelman

author of "Becoming Soulful: Six Keys for Profound Transformation in Your Therapy, Coaching or Healing Practice".

Lu did a wonderful job editing my novel! I can’t thank her enough for her careful reading and astute suggestions – I trusted her judgements all the way through. They were spot on!! So much is going on through the writing process with characters, settings, plot, etc. Lu provided great queries and feedback where required on these elements, as well as a razor-sharp focus on the clarity, flow, grammar of every line. I won’t go into how much I’ve learned by going through her edits!


cover of Jemma and the Raven

BD Reeves

author of Jemma and the Raven

Lu’s attention to detail, suggestions and corrections were very impressive and added a far more polished end result to my memoir. I highly recommend Lu to anyone wanting a professional copy editor who delivers top quality work in a timely, friendly and supportive way.

Christopher Bennett

Author of 'Roy Boy'

Thanks Lu for doing such a great job copyediting my novel. All the feedback, from general notes to specific comments and changes, made sense to me and have improved the book in so many ways. I hope to work with you again some time.

Cover of 'Red Reflection'

Phil MacNamara

Author of 'Red Reflections'

Lu Sexton is an excellent editor. She took a whole lot of words and turned them into a book. I needed help with structuring as well as every other aspect of my first book and she helped with it all. And all the way along did so with empathy, kindness and humour. She’s a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.

Fiona Robertson

Lu is highly professional, highly communicative, and very good at what she does. She’s a delight to work with and would highly recommend for your writing and editing needs. She responded very quickly to my needs and provided some great guidance on my book.

Weh Yeoh

It was a real pleasure working with Lu on my writing. I impressed myself with the improvement I made under Lu’s guidance.

Carl Sudholz

I feel I can’t praise Lu highly enough. I’d come to a standstill with my writing process and contacted Lu for a dip-your-toe mini-appraisal. After reading only a few chapters of my work it was obvious to me that Lu ‘got it’. She had a true sense of my characters and which direction I wanted to/should take them in. She made a few suggestions that I would never have thought of myself but feel will benefit my work immensely. I felt comfortable and at ease with her from the beginning and hope to work with her again soon. Thanks for everything, Lu xx

P M Edwards

Lu is not only highly skilfull at editing, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was able to guide me through the development of my novel while deepening my understanding of the process and improving my abilities for the long term. Not only will your project benefit from Lu’s keen editorial eye but you, yourself, will gain her valuable insights. I’ll be recommending Lu to creatives and corporate businesses alike, as she has a wide knowledge of writing projects.

Simon Taylor – comedian and author of “One-night Stand”

Simon Taylor

Comedian and author of 'One-night Stand'

I had been working on my first novel for years, but despite all my plotting and planning felt I was going in circles after five drafts. Lu offered to read my first 10k words and then provide a one-hour video review. She explained this is a far less expensive way to get someone like me back on track than to have her read the whole thing, editing every page. And she was right!

Her feedback was very thoughtful and honest, exactly what I needed. She covered some technical aspects, characterisation, voice, and plot themes, and diplomatically pointed out some things which might confuse the reader.

So it’s a developmental type of review with a structural twist that has inspired me to reconsider what wasn’t working so well and enhancing what was. Perfect!

Robert Frew

First-time novelist
Thanks so much! You have given me a lot to think about. I am excited to get started on this next phase.

Christina Canters

Coach and speaker

I’m a budding author and have some technical training. I’d written a novel that had somewhat gone in the weeds but recoverable with the proper focus. I had a coaching session on my first 10K words, which was incredibly valuable. The video interaction was much better than previous line edits [from a different editor]. Lu is very precise in her ideas, gives strategy, and frankly I feel confident going forward with my big project and plan to use her expertise for the final edits.

Janet Uhde

Creative writer

It’s been an insightful and joyous experience working with Lu. I’ve eagerly awaited her feedback and suggestions, her restructuring advice and her kickstarting copy in my ‘voice’ that got me going further and faster on my chapters. She’s taken my ideas, information and repetitions and brought clarity, focus and an artful arc to them. Many thanks. I’d rate her 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 😁

Lynne Cazaly

Lynne Cazaly

Author of 'ISH'

Lu has been incredible, her ability to help my voice and give me the guidance and confidence to tell my story has been more than I asked of her. I highly recommend contacting her, no matter what stage you’re at, and you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait until we can work together again…after I implement some her insight and rework a few more chapters. Love ya style Lu 😁

Head shot of Shane

Shane Cunningham

Creative writer

Lu’s structural edit of my book, Rewiring Pain, made sure my ideas come were presented in an engaging and entertaining way. She understood the needs of my target audience and found clever ways to make an easy read of my book on the heavy topic of neuroplasticity. I also asked Lu to typeset my book, and it looks great.

Dr Lisa Chaffey

Dr Lisa Chaffey

Author of 'Rewiring Pain'

Lu worked with me on my book Smart Parenting from first draft to publication. Her keen eye for structure, her word magic and her wit made it an unforgettable experience. I’m forever grateful for her support. Can’t wait to work with her on my next book.

Dina Cooper

Dina Cooper

Author of 'Smart Parenting'

Thank you so much for your work on my book! It’s precious for a writer to see the editor engage with your manuscript in such depth, and in such a supportive way. It builds a relationship of trust. I like how your comments range from word choice and syntax to narrative technique and character development.

Gilbert Van Hoeydonck

Author of 'Good Intentions'

Lu skillfully edited our anthology, ‘A New Beginning’. Editing the work of twenty authors was no easy feat. Lu was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services.

Lee-Ann Hawe

Women Who Write (Melbourne)

Lu did a manuscript appraisal of my novel. She was great to work with. She gave me some terrific ideas to develop the story. Her insight made a significantly positive impact on the direction I’ve taken it in.

Sarah Nicholson

Creative writer

As an aspiring writer, I didn’t know exactly what to expect from an editor, but nevertheless, Lu managed to go beyond and impress me with her practical approach and useful tips. I feel that “an ice block” in the way of my finishing my first novel manuscript melted away in Lu’s hands. Thank you!

Anu Besson

Creative writer

I found Lu’s partnership invaluable in developing an information and marketing package for our potential clients. She has a rare ability to grasp complex concepts very quickly.  As a result she is able to  simplify, shape and develop supporting materials on any topic for any audience, and within a short timeframe.

Ami Cook

Chief Design Officer, MindNavig8or Pty Ltd


Tommy Cotton – author

There are so many positive things to say about Lu, and how she helped with my newest novel, ‘These Pictures of Us’.

It started with a structural edit (manuscript assessment) where Lu examined the vital elements of the novel like tone, characters and pacing. She delved deep and the report helped immensely in writing the next draft, which was a massive improvement from where it had started.

The copy edit itself was vital to refining the novel into the best book it could be. A copy edit like Lu’s is essential for any novel. With line-by-line examination and editing, along with positive feedback – a wonderful surprise – the copy edit was exactly what I’d hoped for.

Lu has the patience, knowledge, skills and connectedness to creative writing to help develop and refine any self-published or trade published novel.

Cannot thank you enough, Lu. Look forward to working with you again.


Tommy Cotton

Author of 'These Pictures of Us'

I just wanted to thank you for this whole process you’ve been a pleasure to deal with and your comments/insights have been incredibly valued. If you’re still game I’d be delighted if you’d like to take a look at the fourth book when that’s ready to go.

Christopher George

Author of 'Mage' series
After getting eight quotes and four samples from Australian and American editors, I chose Lu Sexton … and I’m blown away with the results.

Lu didn’t just pick up grammatical errors and turns of phrase, she made a few clever suggestions for heightening the drama and comedy without losing my protagonist’s voice. I got back not just an improved manuscript, but a lesson in writing, customised just for me.

Ana Spoke

Author of 'Shizzle Inc'

We were really impressed with Lu’s work! Lu took a document that was the product of a few people’s co-writing, which did not have an executive summary, a clear flow or a punchy wrap up, and turned it in to a well bookended piece that took you through the story in a succinct and well structured way.

Helaine Stanley

Director, 226 Strategic

Lu has been a pleasure to work with. Her manuscript assessment, one-on-one writing workshops and copy edits have been invaluable in the development of my first novel. Lu has a lot of knowledge and attention to detail which, along with her enthusiasm, really helped me take my manuscript to the next level.

I’d strongly recommend Lu to any writers – she can really help you develop a solid finished product.

Nichola Scurry

Author of 'With the Music'

My co-author Chris and I engaged Lu to copy-edit our manuscript, Courting Victory. Lu was able to bring together our writing styles (academic and journalistic) and to provide a broad range of editing suggestions that tightened up the manuscript, whilst keeping an eye on the detail.

Happily, Lu was able to return her edits ahead of schedule, giving Chris and I more time to discuss the changes and typeset the document.

Bret Salinger

Co-author of 'Courting Victory'

Lu did a fantastic job typesetting and proofreading my book. As a first-time author, there was so much I didn’t know about the process of bringing a book to print. Lu’s attention to detail ensured I considered all the decisions I needed to make and that nothing slipped through the cracks. She was very responsive to what I wanted and she also had excellent input that improved the final product.
Very happy to recommend Lu!

Patricia McMillan

Author of 'Make IT Matter'

Lu is the dream editor – she has vast general knowledge, strong writing skills and an innovative take on any task.

Lu worked with us on our two national quarterly magazines, Inside Small Business and The Strategic Super Investor, in 2013. She worked right through editorial print production, from writing to subediting to image collection to proofreading, and applied herself to any task with equal willingness. Lu was quick to pick up weaknesses, major and minor, in substance and in style. In addition, her meticulous scrutinising of the iPad app saved us from a myriad of embarrassing navigational and textual glitches.

Lu’s portfolio career has given a bright shine to her people skills and her ability to assimilate smoothly into a workplace. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jackey Coyle

Editor, Summit Publishing

I have worked with Lu Sexton as an editor over several years. She is generous and encouraging, bringing previously unseen perspectives and an exacting critique to the work. Lu has always shown an uncanny ability to understand subtleties of style and what the work is trying to achieve and to assist me as a writer in finding ways to realise these.

Her deft editor’s hand has helped me enormously with work published in Page 17, Wet Ink, Visible Ink and other anthologies, and with work submitted successfully for a Varuna Writers Fellowship. Her contribution to looking at thematics and structure in my novel in progress has been vital and her specific suggestions for how to progress continue to prove invaluable.

David Spitzkowsky

Author of numerous published short stories

I had the pleasure of working with Lu as my editor for a piece I had selected for a Visible Ink anthology in 2012.

From the outset, Lu established a great line of communication between us, and I found her to be an excellent editor in her ability to be supportive and constructive as well as critical. Her initial feedback and comments were fantastic, and I felt she really engaged with the story and the characters.

She has a keen eye, and a great ear for rhythm and cadence; some of her editorial suggestions very much enhanced the voice of the protagonist in my piece by keeping it consistent. She expressed her thoughts and opinions about editorial changes in a very constructive way, and has the ability to be practical, clear and concise about her reasoning for suggested changes.

I found Lu to be respectful in regard to my writing style, and her editorial work really productive. She was open and approachable, and I felt very happy with the final edit we ended up sending to print.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again on future projects.

Else Fitzgerald


I sent my manuscript to Lu Sexton for copy editing. She skilfully realised a manuscript assessment was in order. The assessment was brilliant and it gave me about twenty-eight crucial issues to respond to concerning character journey, story arc, time frames, plausibility, tense, and show don’t tell. On top of that we discussed her findings fully as part of my contract.

Now my manuscript has given me purpose and confidence in completing something I will truly value. It is finally, taking shape.

Michael James Bellas


Lu edited a long and complex strategy. She was quick and very reasonably priced and managed to greatly improve the final project by picking up many inconsistencies we had missed as well as obvious errors.

She was very flexible and easy to work for, it makes all the difference having a professional editor and I would definitely recommend Lu.

Helen Jennings

Director, Wayfarer Consulting

The Torch Project engaged Lu to whip our 2013 annual report into shape and she did a fantastic job. Her editing was informed and astute, her consultation clear and direct. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Dew

Artistic Coordinator, The Torch Project

I was one of seventeen trainee proofreaders for a contract between RMIT and the Australian Defence Force. Lu coordinated all aspects of the contract, organising schedules, directing, instructing, correcting and guiding our team to provide a quality service on time, to the brief and to the client’s satisfaction.

Lu’s sense of humour and endless patience made the project experience thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend Lu for any form of project and team management work as well as for editing.

Jo Burnell

Writer and editor

Lu managed the writing, editing and production of a series of case study story boards for the Yarra Sustainability Awards. She gathered stories from nominees, edited them into concise and appealing case studies, got approval from nominees, and liaised with designers and printers to produce the posters.

She is a very competent writer and editor with an eye for detail and a flair for good storytelling. She was able to manage an unwieldy and disparate group of stakeholders to pull off the project on time and on budget.

Sally MacAdams

Sustainability Officer, Yarra City Council

Lu edited my Masters Thesis. She showed amazing attention to detail and an awareness of the necessity to work within the academic guidelines, which was very helpful. A fast, smart editor with integrity, I would heartily recommend her for any work.

Jennie Swain

Writing, Media and Music Professional